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Looking for Adventure in the Yukon?

Every summer, from May to September, the Dawson City River Hostel is looking for seasonal help (Especially if you speak Japanese!).



You qualify if you have a work permit and:
  • Your English is good enough to communicate with travelers from all over the world.
  • You are an outdoor person, experienced in camping, hiking, cycling and/or other outdoor activities.
  • You are not afraid to get your hands dirty, split firewood, start a wood fire, build small things out of wood, paint or make small repairs - like bicycles.
  • You are a friendly, cheerful, outgoing, pleasant and helpful person who likes people.
  • You are a Non-Smoker
  • You can do some office work (no computers) and know First-Aid.
  • You are not afraid of animals - like mosquitoes!

Contact the Hostel as soon as possible if you are interested, but if you happen to be in the Vancouver area, a meeting could be arranged in either late March or early April.

The Hostel is beautifully located alongside the Yukon River just a few walking minutes away from Dawson City. The Hostel is a rustic and simple place with no electric power (we have the midnight sun), fresh running water from a creek and outside plumbing (outhouses).




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