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Prepare yourself for one of the most interesting hostelling experiences on the planet, as the Dawson City River Hostel welcomes you to vibrant Dawson City - home of the Klondike Gold Fields and former stomping ground of Jack London. The hostel is located on the Western side of the Yukon River and because of its location is not connected to the power grid nor to sewage and city water. All cooking and heating - for example the creek water for the bathhouse & the sauna - is done with firewood. There are "historic" outhouses and candles will light your cabin from mid Aug onward to the end of the season. We can promise you the adventure of an life-time - prepare yourself!!

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Dear Friends:

Herewith I want to give notice that the Dawson City River Hostel has given up on its Hostelling International (HI) affiliation. After almost 20 years carrying the HI logo, it has become to difficult to be associated with an organization that cares more about its top-heavy bureaucracy than about their affiliated private hostels. Over-bearing, arrogant and insulting inspectors are one reason, but the last straw was an incredible, one-sided contract which, had I signed it, would have given control - to a large extent - to a faceless Ottawa / Vancouver bureaucracy.

Rest assured, the Hostel in Dawson City will continue to exist. A great place to relax, make new friends and learn how to build a fire.

Regards and thank you,